Starting from 1st March 2021, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has mandated the appliance of the National Health Insurance of foreign students in the Republic of Korea.

All foreign students under a D visa which includes overseas study (D-2), elementary/middle/high school students (D-4-3) are subjected to the mandatory subscription from March 1, 2021 or upon first entry. Students under D-4 visa are subjected to enrol six months after the entry date.

In expectation of having a smoother transition to the mandatory application of the health insurance system and to lessen students’ financial burden, foreign students are billed at 30% of the insurance fees only for 2021 and will increase by 10% annually until 2023.

For any inquiries, do contact National Health Insurance Corporation Customer Service Center at 1577-1000 or Foreign Civil Service Center at 033-811-2000.