As the scorching sun turns furious, it marks the arrival of summer break for all students! We from the bureau would like to congratulate your effort for this semester, and we strongly believe that all of your effort had paid off, or if not, will be pay off in the future! As we enter another new month, we are here to announce your winners for #runnersppmk June!
Your winners for #runnersppmk inaugural month of June 2021 are:

Top Runners of June:
Male category: Anderton Owen Anak Richard (B17) with the distance record of 87.76 km
Female category: Wendy Bawing Mato (B17) with the distance record of 148.34 km

Consistent Runners of June:
Male category: Muhammad Asnawi Bin Mohd Zaini Tee (Batch 18) with 9 days of run
Female category: Farhanna Najwa Binti Shamsudin (B18) with 12 days of run

As we announce this month's winners, we are also officially ending the first half of #runnersppmk 2021. We from the bureau would also like to take this chance to thank all of those whom have supported #runnersppmk all the way from the start, your support and love means all the world to us, and it had always be the energy that drives us to manage this program even better.

We were impressed by the record for the previous month of #runnersppmk because our runners still managed to pull of insane running records despite of June being finals month! We are proud of you, runners! In this 2 months long Summer break, we would like to encourage all the PPMK members to take this chance to get fit by running with us! We reward and honor your effort so let's not hesitate!
Let's do it for July #runnersppmk!

*For all the winners from the previous months, please kindly check if you had already provide your email at the post's comment section of your winning month as we are distributing the prizes real soon.*

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