Assalamualaikum w.b.k.t and greetings everyone!

The recruitment for mentor and mentee is now open and we welcome everyone to join us in this program. The recruitment is open for a week until 19th of February 2021 (Friday) sharp at 11.59 pm. Those who are interested in joining the program can fill the google form by clicking the link below. We also sent the link to your email.

Application form link:

We would like to highlight that this program targets mainly to improve welfare together with the academic performance of the students. This program will officially start in March and ends in November 2021. This program will also include all language preparation program students to help them in adapting life in university and as well life among Koreans.

The list names together with the group will be sent to your email by 22nd of February 2021 (Monday). Until then, have a nice break winter semester and enjoy it while it lasts.