Malam Anugerah Dirgahayu (MAD), also known as the Malaysians' Leadership Night is a grand event held at the end of each year’s session of PPMK, normally during the first Saturday of the week of November. Apart from providing the opportunity for Malaysians from all around Korea to gather and get to know each other, it also aims to celebrate final year students and their graduation. During the event, various performances and videos made by our PPMK members will be exhibited. Besides, to commemorate the excellent achievements of the students, various awards are also presented.

The theme for 2021 MAD is "ENCHANTED: Journey to the Kingdom". "Enchanted," along with the name "Journey to the Kingdom" represents the concept of a magical take on the rustic beauty of nature, amidst a royal setting. It serves the purpose of providing a mini escape from the mundane, to seek and embrace the extraordinary little things around us, which can sometimes be found through the ups and downs of life in the pursuit of our dreams.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, we cannot assure that this event can be held offline. However, we'll try to make the best out of the situation for everyone involved. Please stay tuned on our social media platforms for updates regarding this event.