Greetings everyone!

Fun-Me Fundraising Event has finally come to an end. A big thank you for each and every person that has contributed to make this event a huge success!

As the fundraising period has officially ended, we are extremely glad to announce that it was a huge success although it is PPMK's very first fundraising programme and we have managed to accumulate a total of RM 12 401, which exceeds the amount that we initially targeted.

We want to convey our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all of our fundraisers who had gone above and beyond in raising the donation. Without all of you, we could never have accomplished such an achievement. Not to forget, a special shoutout to all of our committee members who had done a tremendous background work for the event. Last but not least every single individual who had supported this even directly through donation or indirectly. Every single cents will hugely impact the underprivileged students in Malaysia and also our cause towards Education Equity.
As we have successfully reached our target, all of our volunteers will be executing the accumulative livestream dare! Keep an eye out for the livestream which will happen very soon.

Do not worry and do not fret as the usage and transfer of the fund to TFM will also be disclosed to the public for transparency.
PS: Also, stay tuned for videos of our volunteers doing the dares according to the donation that they managed to collect!