Hello and greetings everyone! We from the FUN-ME organising commitee are really thankful for your relentless suppport in making this campaign a success as it is.

This is the time for us to give back to all of you who supported our fundraising campaign and in doing so, we are proud to announce that we will be organising an open for all sharing session delivered by our esteemed partner GRADUAN. As GRADUAN is highly esteemed in assisting students towards successful career path, we are proud to announce that our speaker is Ms. Amalina Azhar from GRADUAN’s PR & Events Department so we highly recommend everyone to anticipate this sharing session! The session details are as follows:

Speaker: Amalina Azhar
Title: “Pave Your Career Path: Resume 101”
Date: 16th August 2021
Time: 2.30 pm (KST)
Platform: Zoom

The session will be open to everyone. Therefore, we truly encourage everyone to make time and participate for the session as we believe it will be a great deal of help to all of us in our future job seeking experience. Don’t forget to invite your family and friends to join the session, especially those who gave FUN-ME Fundraising Campaign endless support! Save the date and see you there!