Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone!

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. The 2020/2021 session of PPMK is about to come to an end. Therefore armed with few weeks ahead of Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Election Commission (EC) of PPMK will be formed to assist the selection of upcoming PPMK committee.

According to the PPMK Constitution (updated December 2020),
Article 10: Electoral Commission Election System, Clause I: Election Commission (EC)10.1 "The EC Chairman will be appointed by the President of the PPMK at least six weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting and an announcement must be made to all members."

The Higher Committee of PPMK agreed to appoint Miza Izzati Binti Rustam Shahril as the Chairwoman of the PPMK EC for 2021. We would like to congratulate Miza Izzati upon the appointment and all hopes on you that you will carry out the responsibilities and trusts bestowed.
In this regard, we would like to open the 2021 EC Committee application to all PPMK members. The following is an excerpt from the PPMK Constitution (updated December 2020) on the appointment of EC members.

Article 10: Electoral Commission Election System, Clause I: Election Commission (EC)
10.3 "Members of the PPMK Administrative Committee at the session shall not be members of the EC."
10.4 "EC members shall not be involved in any process related to the election of the new Administrative AJK."
--10.4.1 "May not contest and shall not be a proponent or supporter during the Nomination Week."
--10.4.2 "Cannot join candidate for the campaign during Campaign Week."
--10.4.3 "Abandoned voting rights during the election process."
10.5 "EC members must be kept clean and trustworthy."

This application opens from 9th October 2021 (Saturday) to 15th October 2021 (11.59pm, Friday).
See you guys soon at the AGM!