Jalur Gemilang


In conjunction with Malaysia Independence Month, we would like to share with you some interesting facts about Malaysia flag called Jalur Gemilang.

The flag of Malaysia is a combination of traditional Islamic symbols and the representation of all the states under the federation.

Jalur is a Malay word meaning a band or stripe of colour. The 14 parallel red and white stripes symbolise a common mission, a common direction and a virtuous path followed by the peoples of all states regardless of creed, race and religion. Gemilang is a Malay word meaning bright, brilliant, resplendent or excellent.

Jalur Gemilang represents the excellence of the peoples and the nation of Malaysia in every field, be it at national or international level. It symbolises a nation and peoples who are hard-working, patriotic, strong, courageous and prepared to sacrifice for the race, nation and religion.

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