I moved a lot when I was a teenager because of my father’s job as a specialist doctor that needed him to move countries. Growing up, I stayed in four different countries. I board on flights for more than 400 times metaphorically. I’ve experienced the best culinary from 3 different continents. Needless to say, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. To the people who knows me back home, my life is the life that they’ve always wanted especially since nowadays people really loves to travel. However, it is not what I desire. Moving from country to country constantly left a hole in my heart, a deep dark hole that desires love and friendship. I’ve never had any good friends growing up. People only wanted to be friends with me just because of the fact of me being a doctor’s son.

        Two years ago, my life changed. My family were transferred to Australia. Long story cut short, that was where I met Jack. We were in the same laboratory when he approached me. From that day on, we hung out a lot and eventually became best friends. One year later, both of us grew up to become adults. We’re both finally 20. The two of us went to the same university and stayed in the same dorm despite taking different courses.

        And university is the time when I noticed something different about Jack. A year passed and we’re both in our second year. University was hard for both of us. We started to rarely see each other. In fact, most of the time I was the only one who always stayed back at the dorm to study. “Jack must be studying in the library” I thought to myself every time he’s not home considering that he is 100 times more diligent than me in studying.

        One night, he came back home, smelling like garbage, looking like garbage too. “Jack, did you even showered? What’s with your shirt? Did you spilled sauce all over you?” I asked. He did not answer at all. “Dude, slow down with the studying! 4.0 isn’t everything. And learn to eat like an adult that we are” I said and then he looked at me with such sharpness. “It is! I needed the scholarship! I can’t rest or else I won’t be getting that scholarship!” he shouted. I was left there with looks of confusion but before I could even respond, he said “And I eat like an adult. And I don’t need sleep! I don’t need shower! I’m not rich like you, I need scholarship!”. “Jack please, don’t force yourself too much. You’re a good student, I’ve seen your result, I know you.” “No you don’t.” he replied before leaving the room. I was left there dumfounded and still unable to process, “What did I do wrong?” I thought. However the image of him, his shirt covered in red haunted me a bit.

        The next morning, the whole campus was shocked to hear about the disappearance of 7 students from the Economics Department. I was worried to death because that was Jack’s department! I went on to the dorm’s office to ask for informations. “It can’t be Jack. It can’t be!” I searched all over the notice board. There it was……”Jackson Powell, missing since March 12”. My heart was broken. My one and only best friend, MISSING. I walked to the dorm, bringing my tears and sorrow with me.

        I opened the door and Jack was there in his bed, eyes looking straight at me. “JACK?!” He stood up, smiling and eyes fixed at me while walking out. It was eerie. I had goosebumps all over. “Jack is that you or am I hallucinating?” I asked but he did not even blinked. “Shhhh” he said while smiling. He pointed to his table. I looked and noticed that there’s a small yet peculiar looking box under his table. I looked at him but all he did was smiling. A really blunt smile. “Jack?” I asked, tears still falling down my cheeks. He walked out. I ran to the door but he’s not even in the hallway.

        “I must be hallucinating.” I thought. However, when I entered the room again, the box was still there. I went to it and lifted it up. It was heavy. Out of the sadness, I gathered my courage to open the box. My fingers slowly peeled the cellophane tape above, revealing the contents little by little. The box is finally opened. There’s a huge lump of things covered in black plastic bag and a letter above it.

“Dear Ivan,

Our friendship was the best one that I could’ve wished for. You’ve accepted me as your friends despite our differences. You’ve helped me a lot eventhough we only met 4 years ago. Thank you. I hope that you will be a good friend to another person.

p/s: The scholarship should’ve been mine but they were in my way. I couldn’t help but did it. Not only to them…but myself too. I’m sorry.





“What? I don’t understand!” My heart was racing fast. I immediately lifted the plastic bag. I slowly opened it. The first revelation of it surprised me. “OH MY!!!” I screamed while letting go of the bag. I ran away to the office. “HELP ME!!! THERE’S SOMETHING IN MY ROOM!” I screamed while panicking but the guards looked at me as if I was scared of spiders. “PLEASE, TAKE IT AWAY FROM MY ROOM!!” I screamed again. Tears were falling down my cheeks like a waterfall. The guard finally ran to my room.

        “OH MY!” he screamed. The lady from the counter came out to comfort me. More and more people came to my room, screaming, panicking and being in disbelief. The guard came out of the room, holding the plastic bag containing JACK’S HEAD and NUMEROUS AMOUNTS OF FINGERS away. As they walked passed me, I couldn’t bear to look at it. I wept and ran to the office, locking myself in there. Then suddenly, “I’m sorry pal” was whispered to my ear. My eyes went wide. I looked back, and saw Jack’s reflection on the window, bluntly smiling. “I got the scholarship. You should’ve read the letter in my mouth too. Had to eliminate the other 6 students to get it though” being whispered into my ears.  

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