Red Shoe

“I’m sorry but no…It’s not you.. it’s me… You are kind, wish we could stay as a friend”.

Rejection, rejection, and another rejection. It feels like getting a slap in the face again and again.

Kim keeps thinking why it is so hard to get a girlfriend. He did everything he could possibly imagine. Greet them in the morning and night every single day. Buy them chocolate, flowers and exquisite dinner. Keep them company whenever they feel lonely. Answer their call in the middle of the night to keep them company when they can’t sleep. Nevertheless, it was useless. They end up leaving him or rejected him whenever he asked for a serious relationship.

He keeps looking at the two sheets of paper in his palm. He was hoping to score this one after 20 years of waiting by inviting her to the amusement park. 20 years and still single! What am I doing? Is it the look? Is it the money? Is it the physique? What is wrong with me? He keeps muttering to himself while pondering into the lake. He took bits of crackers that he bought from the market while on his way here. He crumbled it nicely and threw it into the serene blue water making the nearby ducks race towards the spot it is in. He’s done this every time he would visit the lake. He doesn’t know why, but the lake seems to attract him whenever he was feeling emotional. A sense of nostalgia can be felt lingering in his heart whenever he’s there. But he never remembered the first time he visits the lake. He just thought that it may be way back ago when he’s still a kid. That’s why he didn’t remember.

He went a few steps backward and sat down on the wooden bench that was placed there. He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes, bent his head backward and resting his back on the bench. “Warm”. It was a sunny day with a slight breeze. A perfect day for an outing. But to him is just another chapter of his broken-hearted story. He let himself to be bath from the warmth of the sunlight that pierced through him.

The sound of two children resonates nearby the lake. A girl was chasing the boy in front of him with tears in her eyes. “Give me back my shoe!” Kim was standing there looking at both of the children running towards him. He wanted to stop the boy but both the boy and the girl just phase through him as if he was not even there. “A dream?” The boy finally stops at the side of the lake where the girl finally caught up to him. “You are not going anywhere! Give it back to me” The boy grin and raised the red shoe that was in his hands. “If you want it to go and get it”

Suddenly, a loud splashing sound vibrates near the middle of the lake. As he regained his consciousness, his eyebrows burrow while his jaw was dropping. Looking at the scene before his eyes, no one would believe what is happening at that moment. A wall of water is standing 30m tall in the middle of the lake. Birds were flying aimlessly, some ducks are caught in the wave, and the lake has receded until one could even see the ground. What was shocking was that the water did not stop rising. It continued to become bigger and bigger.

He wanted to run, but he just woke up and his mind was still in the state of shock. He looks around, left and right nearby the vicinity. However, no one was there. Was no one here? How could that be? A good day like this and no one came to the lake. Could it be that everyone already escaped while he was sleeping?! He cursed in his heart thinking how to save himself. The tall wall of water would surely go down soon creating a splash of water which would blow him strongly. This much of water could easily produce a force that would break his body when it suddenly drops. He slapped himself, checked all his things and run with all his might.

But he stopped. Something felt amiss here. Clearly, he heard a sound of splash just now. Then something fell into the lake? But I don’t see anything. He slowly took a step forward in hesitant. Then he thought to himself “What if someone fell into the lake? Then, could I just leave the person dying there?” But that huge wall of water could drop anytime. He clenched his fist, gritted his teeth then run towards the lake. The water of the lake has receded so much that he could even reach the ground with only the tip of his pants soaked. He runs around shouting hoping that the person would hear him. He made a full circle but still, no one was there. He then got closer to the wall of water and his body went deeper into the lake.

The water is now up to his waist. His movement became a bit sluggish as the pressure of the water holding him back. He desperately shouted again and again while time to time he would dive into the lake to check. To his avail, he can’t find anyone! He looked again at the wall of water which made his face crooked. The water astonishingly reached the height of 100m! He cursed again and looked into the water. He felt regret but there is nothing he could do. He tried his best but that is all there is to it. The person probably got sucked in the middle of water already. Even if the person survived, he or she would not last long.

There is no way he would risk himself for an unknown person who could not even exist in the first place. But somehow his heart tells him that he should look again. He gave a deep sighed and turn back. He took a heavy step towards the side of the lake. Suddenly, a heavy impact falls upon his entire body causing him to plunging him into a miserable state. In an instant, everything turns to black?

No he was wide awake, standing well beside the lake as if nothing happened. But this scene.. seems familiar? It was the dream again.

“Go and get it!” “No don’t!” Plop. The girl started to cry heavily as she saw her favorite red shoe was thrown away into the lake by the boy. Seeing how much the girl cries and knowing the boy’s name is Kim as well. He felt guilty and decided to help the girl. He went toward where the red shoe fell and dove into the lake. He went deeper and deeper when suddenly, a heavy feeling surge towards his body causing him to lose control. It causes him to fall deeper. He could not breathe properly. He thought that he would die of drowning as the water kept pushing him down. His head then hit the ground and finally, it stops.

He rubs his head and feeling panic he tried to swim after remembered that he needs to get out for air! But then, “I can breathe?” Is he really inside the lake? It feels warm as well. He felt like he was dreaming, but he could feel the aching pain from his exhausted muscle when he was enduring the surge of water striking upon him. However, he could see all the fish swimming around him in the lake. It feels like he is inside an invisible dome. He walked swiftly toward the source of the warmth he was feeling. Finally, he stopped and saw a girl floating about. She seems to be sleeping. Her face was pure white, and her black hair was hanging just below her shoulders. She looked like someone around 10 years old.  She was wearing a delicate red dress which perfectly suits her small stature. And in her hand was the red shoe.

Kim felt cautious looking at the girl but since he decided to take the shoe back with him he get closer towards the floating girl. As the closer, he gets a sense of familiarity could be felt in his heart. He keeps asking himself where he has seen this girl before. His focus now redirected from the shoe towards the fairy-like girl who was floating in the water. Finally, he stood in front of the girl when suddenly she grabbed him by the neck and opened her eyes. She stares into his eyes as if she was looking into his soul. He suddenly felt an immense pain in his chest, causing him to faint again.

“Hey wake up you lazy bum!” “huh?” Kim is once again in a confused state. “Huh my foot! How could you fell asleep in an amusement park anyway? And with me as well! Aren’t you the one who invited me here?” He rubs his head in guilty, and replied her “I’m sorry Joy.”

Wait who is this girl? How do I know her name? Why am I in an amusement park? Wasn’t I was diving into the lake just now. But why did I dive into the lake?… What lake? Must be a dream…

“Hey stop spacing around and let’s play!” She grabbed his arm towards her making him get off from the wooden bench. They walked around and finally stopped at the roller coaster. Luckily, there are only two of them and no one else was lining up. She dragged him to the front and pushes him forward.

“Seriously Joy? Are we going to sit at the front? No, no, no!” “Hey! Don’t be a chicken Kim, take a step!” Kim braced himself and took a big gulp. He was not a brave a person in the first place. Why would he think of going here anyway? The sounds of a manly scream could be heard nearby the roller coaster.

“Next to the haunted house!” Oh no.. he cursed himself. He wanted to run away if he can but how could he do it in front of a girl. He then tried to find an excuse. “Don’t tell me you are scared Kim?” “W-what..d-do you mean?!” The girl giggled and drags him all the way through the end of the haunted house. A louder manly scream can be heard nearby the haunted house.

The couple went all over the place; playing with various thrilling and extreme rides. Every single one of it was accompanied by a manly scream that was somehow from the same person. Kim finally gave up and rests himself at the wooden bench.

“Is this is all you can do?” Kim had a bad taste in his tongue after her piercing words. All though he felt miserable but it was the first time he enjoyed himself with a girl. Not just any but a beauty as well. She was about the same age as him. And despite her spiteful comments, she had a great personality and great appetite as well! It was cute to see her eats all the food they saw while walking from one attraction to another. Although it was a few hours, he felt so close with the girl. It was like he has known her for his entire life.  He just smiled while looking at her. He let himself rest at the familiar wooden bench.

“Where are you going? You are not thin-.. No Joy.. No stop.” The girl steps forward without stopping and finally half of her body immersed in the lake. She looked back at ‘Kim’ and finally dove right in. The boy just stands in awe. He stares blankly where the girl had dive in. Kim who just realized what just happened immediately rose up and run towards the boy. While running he shouted “Hey! Don’t be a chicken Kim, take a step!” Seeing that the boy did not budge he shouted again “Don’t tell me you are scared Kim?” When he’s finally beside the boy his legs gave in and fell to the ground on his knee. He muttered to himself “Is this is all you can do?” Tears then dropped to his cheek heavily without stopping. He cannot control the surge of emotions flowing through his mind. He beats the floor until he could not withstand the pain anymore. Blood was dripping from his mouth and nose. And tears kept falling down. In his heart, that scene was the most regretful event that has happened in his life.

A warm sensation can be felt wrapping around his body. “So you remember now?” As he heard the voice, he cannot help but to feel guilty and deep sorrow, as if there was a wound in his heart reopens. “I’m sorry Joy, it’s my fault. I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” The hug becoming tighter as she replied “It’s okay Kim, I know it was not your intention. I’m here now and that is what matters.” “Yes Joy, I’m here with you now. I’m not going to leave you anymore. We will stay together forever.” The two couple continue to cuddle each other as both of their body went deeper into the lake.

The next day…

“How could this happen? Good thing we found his body floating. If not, then he might trap in here forever.” A group of people wearing black tailored suit gathered nearby the lake after the shocking event of a huge geyser standing at the height 100m due to an active volcano beneath the lake which triggered yesterday. Good thing that there was no one in the area during the incidents except for one man. They found a man with his body wraps around by a skeleton that seems to be belonging to a child. And it looks like the child is hugging the man. However, what confused them the most was the smile on the man face. He looks like as if he died peacefully. And in his hand was a pair of shoe, a red shoe.

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