We as a human never tired of making wrong moves or to be exact, bad decision, a really bad decision. But that never stop us from moving forward, from turning our bad decision into something we never dreamt off. This is the beauty of life. Life is just a journey. A quick journey yet very far. As in every journey, you can plan where to go next, what you want to do next and etc. And that’s is. You only can plan. Nothing more than that. You can never know whether everything you planned will happen. That is how we differentiate each one of us on how we cope, on how we react when things just don’t go as we planned. A wise man once said that there are TWO things that defines you; your attitude when you have everything, and your patience when you have nothing. This is why friends exist. To make our journey more enjoyable and more memorable.

For me, friends is the best things i have after my family. Living almost 5000 km apart from your family makes makes it really tough to face every hardship you will face in your early adult ages. This is the moment where you need someone else to share all of your smile, your laugh and someone you can talk about everything, someone who will help you whenever you needed and much more. Being someone who always forget about his friends and being someone who rarely helped his friends, by having friends who never forget about me is something i could never ask for more. I am very grateful having friends who helped me in my hardest time, who always be there for me.

As time goes by, I became more uncomfortable receiving too much help and asking too much help but doing nothing to repay their deeds which eventually make me stop asking for any help further. But that never doesn’t stop them. Since they know me too well at this point, they always help me to the point that make me think that do I really deserve them??? What did I do to deserve them??? What do they get by helping me??? Finally i came to a conclusion.

No man left behind

That’s the reason why they help me. They don’t want to see me wasting my lives here. They felt the responsibility of seeing me successful in everything I did just like them. They want to make sure that I should never feel lonely having them by my side. And guess what??? I don’t feel lonely living around them.How can I be lonely when I know that I will always have someone to jokes around, someone to hang out with, someone to do stupid things with and for sure someone to cry with.

As the last word for my writing, here a word I found in the internet
Your friend are your needs answered – Khalil Gibran


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