He is the guy for me.

Today is our first date. The mid-autumn is blowing slightly its cool breeze. Striking colourful autumn leaves keeps falling on the pathway where we walk together holding hands side by side.

5 years had passed when I accidently bump onto him while rushing to my class. It was the day I met a guy named Dave. Although I got angry because of the stained from the cup of coffee that he was holding he did treat me to a nice lunch to compensate afterward. Although he did ate most of it even though it was for me. “He is quite a big eater for a slim guy!” was the first impression I had on him. But still I like seeing him like that. Ever since then we continued to meet each other a lot.  Dave is always kind and gentle to others especially to me. Although he seems quiet and innocent but he is actually a meanie who never stop teasing me.

He is also smart. It was a coincidence that we are in the same department. Dave always teaches me things that I would not know and I would call him in the morning to wake him up to go to class. It is a fair deal and all because of me he never late to classes and to pay me back he would help me with my study.

Dave always stayed up late to study. His smartness did not come just like that he is quite a studious person. Because of that he always sleeps late and ends up waking up late. Once I dragged him in his pyjamas from his house since he did not answer my calls. It was hilarious as he did not realize why the whole classmates were laughing. He got mad afterward and went sulking. But after I treat him with a triple cheeseburger and extra-large fries, he suddenly smiled brightly and we ate there while he was still wearing his pyjamas. Actually I was only watching. He told me it is my punishment for doing that. But he get stomach ache for eating too much and I cannot stop laughing because of that.

He cared for me and always kept me company whenever I am lonely. And whenever I am he would treat me to lunch but he always eats most of the food. I know it is his money and all but still he called me to eat with him and all. I am the sad one who needs to eat a lot you know but somehow seeing Dave like that makes me happy every single time. His presences always make me smile unknowingly.

However I don’t like it when he always laughs whenever I got angry. He said that because of my small stature I look like a child throwing a tantrum. I got angrier afterward of course! But then he would gently smile at me and told me I look cute whenever I got angry. I must confess it does make me happy but I do not want to give in just like that. However he would give me chocolate afterward and I had to stop and be happy! That reminds me he always brings my favourite chocolate in his pocket with him and give it to me whenever I am lonely, sad, angry, happy.. What am I kidding? I just like chocolate and he knows it. Although I still believe he actually carries the chocolate for himself and just gave me one since he had extras. Anyways besides the chocolates I am just happy to be with him through all the times we had together.

I was sure of my feelings during the day my parents had an accident. Both of them mean the world to me and that day they left. I was a lost cause and all my reasoning to live had gone. However Dave never gave up on me. He held my hands during my despair and never let go. He confessed his love and told me that we should support each other in times of need. He told me that after he graduated he would support me forever and make sure that I am always happy till the rest of my life.

He graduated. He did as he told me and here we are finally having our first date. Suddenly a sudden gust of wind passes by making a bunch of leaves falls on top of us. I snap out from my thoughts and get back to our moment and he is smiling gently while looking directly into my eyes. He then gently brushes off the leaves on my hair. Now I am all nervous for no reason. My face is flushing red and knowing him noticing me is making me more embarrassed.

He then asked me to close my eyes and held out my hand. By the moment I open my eyes I saw a small pink-petal which is quite familiar. I look around and I was astounded because we are surrounded by Cherry Blossoms!

“How did this hap—“

Suddenly we are on a bicycle. He told me to grab me properly so that I would not fall and we cycled through the lining of trees with the petals continuously falling onto us. Although I had some questions to ask him, I just hug Dave and enjoyed my time. I always told Dave that I wanted to go to Japan to see their famous Cherry Blossoms and today I had all the view to myself while Dave is with me. The calm breeze was touching my cheek gently as we passed through the road. The moment is sweet. I wish it could last forever.

He finally stops cycling and I can see this huge flower garden with endless amount of flower. I got excited and ran first and finally I just lay myself down after I got tired. Dave then pulls out a small mat from his pocket and a picnic box. He then continues to take some cups, plates, and some juices from his pocket. He even brought ice cream in his pockets. Like how many things he can fit in there? He then feed me some cakes and I instantly got up panic. Dave never ever feed others food. Not even me. He likes it too much that I even suspected him to like food more than me. I asked him several questions like whether he is sick, or did he fell off his yesterday but he just brush it off telling me it was a special occasion. It is only for today he said jokingly but I know he was serious. I guess he really want it to be special. I ate a lot and got sleepy. Dave then took out a blanket from his pocket and covered me with it. I just lay my head on his lap on look at the sky. It was too bright since it was during daytime. But Dave just wave his hand and day turns to night.

The night is perfect as the moonlight shimmering onto us. I can fell the warmth from Dave as we cuddle. There were no words between us and we were looking at each other eyes. I can feel the strong feeling from him. I am loved. I am loved by Dave and I love him as well. I just cannot stop myself from loving him. No words can describes this perfect moment. Everything is too perfect. I then open my mouth and told Dave

“It’s okay. You can stop now”

Dave looks a bit hesitant and I can see tears are flowing down his cheek. He then clasped his hands tight and closed his eyes. Next thing I know I am in the bed of a hospital. I was feeling weak and tired.


My name is Dave. I am married to a beautiful sweet girl named Kelly. We were married for 50 years now and both of us are in in our late 70s. Kelly had Alzheimer till the point that she forgot who I was. Although she did not remember who I really am I cannot just leave my love-life. I was determined to take care of her. I still remembered the promise I made to her when we were studying. I tried my very best to make her enjoy her life but then another unfortunate event came. She was diagnosed with cancer. With her old age she would not last long. With her weak body she could only lay in her bed doing nothing. I was severely devastated when looking at her condition. I just wish that I could at least make her happy again. She was always happy when we talk about our first date together. I wish I could turn back the time!

Then suddenly a little girl with long black hair and pitch black eyes wearing an elegant traditional like clothing came to visit me and my wife. My wife was sleeping at that time. The girl told me that she could provide me a solution to my problem. She can make both of us fell in a deep sleeping state and make us to dream forever. Inside I could do whatever I want. However she said, I am the only who would realizes it is a dream and she could only make it into only one single dream. Meaning that even though it would feel different for Kelly but for me I would suffer a non-stop continuous loop. The girl then added that if she notices it for a bit both of us would wake up and I would die because the payment is my life for the deal. But for that, I do not mind. I rather suffer and gave my life just to see her happy again. So I accepted the offer and chose to have our first date as our dream. Today was our 1204th first date. I was already exhausted but I cannot stop now. I must make her happy.

She is a flower lover. So I always changed the setting to spring even though our first date was on autumn. With this power of mine I can do anything I want as long she would not notice it. I always thought that it was perfect but today it was too perfect. It must because of my fatigue. She suddenly asked me to stop. I was hesitant a bit and thinking that maybe she still does not realizes what is going on so I waited for the day to end so everything would reset by itself. But looking at her eyes glaring at me like that I gave in. I never was able to win her over except by chocolate. Knowing what would happen I cannot stop crying. I clasped both of my hand and wish for the dream to end.

I am finally backed from the dream world. I can feel this surge of energy is flowing out me. I knew it. I do not have much time left. The payment is starting. I am now in despair knowing that I would not be able to see her again. I cannot stop myself from crying. The tears just flow through my dried wrinkled skin. But then I could feel a warm sensation in my hand. It is her. Kelly is holding my hand with her weak small hand. Although we are old to my eyes she is my beautiful sweet Kelly. I could see her gasping for air. It seems like she is in the same condition as me as well. She then faintly called my name. “Dave” I am in awe. Did she remember who I was? I then put my face closer so that I could hear her well. She weakly wiped off my tears and told me

“Thank you for keeping your promise my love. I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie, please don’t leave me”

“I won’t Dave. We will be together soon.”

I then laid my head beside hers. We are looking at each other silently while smiling. She then slowly closed her eyes and I finally decided to rest myself.

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