Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and Greetings everyone!

PPMK is pleased to announce that the Garage Sale and Donation program will be held in February this year. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the Republic of Korea, PPMK will make some changes and breathe new life into this program, at which it will be named Online Garage Sale and Donation (OGSD) 2021.

Online Garage Sale and Donation 2021 will be held wholly ONLINE from 15 to 22 February 2021 and will be using Instagram as the medium for promoting goods. This program aims to provide a platform for students, especially final year students (BATCH 16) to sell their pre-loved goods, as well as to provide opportunities for students to donate their belongings to avoid waste.

We will include more details in the coming posts.

So stay tuned and see you at Online Garage Sale And Donation (OGSD) Program in February!