May 26, 2016


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About Alien Registration Card / Passport?

How to change the address in the Alien Registration Card?

How to get treatment at the hospital?

Claims application?

Overseas form (Borang keluar negara)?

Advertising job vacancies?

University promotion in Korea?

College or university system in Korea?

University application in Korea?

Academic management for JPA / MARA sponsored students? 


Anderton Owen Anak Richard


Siti Nur Suhana Binti Jelani



Ravi Shanker Sugamar


Muhammad Fakhrul Mirza Bin Hashim


Housing system in Korea?

Housing system for JPA/MARA sponsored students?

Help to find a house?

House rental rates in Korea?

Moving to other house?

Volunteer application for Seoul Friendship Fair?

Borrowing traditional clothes and games?

Performance during PPMK activities?


Ahmad Farris Bin Ahmad Mustaffa Mustaal


Farhanna Najwa Binti Shamsudin



Muhammad Aris Bin Mat Subril


Lim Yuhuan


PPMK's website management?

PPMK's social media management?

Cetusan(PPMK's Magazine) management?

Pictures/videos for PPMK's activities?

PPMK's files management?

Info About Talk to US PPMK (TTuS) ?

Sponsorship for PPMK?

Suggestions to PPMK?


Muhammad Haziq Bin Hamzah


Muhamed Al Amin Bin Muhammad Annuar


Mohammad Afiq Bin Matdi



Puteri Fatin Nuraisyah Binti Mohd Fozae


Ng Chia Huei


Ikhmal Fariq Bin Sa'udi


Batch War scoring system?

Lost and Found?

Procedure for the establishment of sports clubs?

Sports equipment loan?

PPMK Special Fund (Tabung Khas)?


Muhamad Shakir Bin Mohd Razali


Amalina Nabila Binti Azizan



Soh Jieying