Program Ramah Mesra 2015

On the 17th of January 2015, PPMK has conducted “Program Ramah Mesra” for the students of batch 15 who will be flying off to South Korea very soon. The event aims to share and instil the needed skills and information for their preparation before flying while building stronger relationships between juniors and seniors. The event was attended by 103 students from batch 15 as well as 22 seniors who acted as facilitators for the group discussions.

We started off at 10.05am with the introductory remarks by the Secretary of PPMK, Zulfikri Ahmad, and a brief introduction on PPMK by the Head of Bureau for Communications and Special Tasks, Ralph Lauren Thaddeus, before moving on with the presentation on academic and welfare aspects of the students by Zulfikri Ahmad and Head of Bureau for Culture and Arts, Wong Shu Ming, respectively. At 11.30am, after having breakfast, the students were divided into groups where the facilitators answered any questions that the students had, gave personal insight, and shared their experience on life in South Korea. The event was concluded at 12.45pm with a group photo session and lunch.

Through this event, we hope that the students of batch 15 have gained invaluable input from the presentations and discussions. We also look forward to meeting them as they fly off to Korea in February.

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By Ralph