The Council 2016

The Council 2016's First Edition

The theme of the first edition is “Leadership”. The speakers are given a maximum of 15 minutes to engage the audience and present their ideas with respect to the theme. The Q&A session is conducted after all seven speakers have given their talks.

The speakers aforementioned in the teaser are the current high committee members of PPMK, KUK, AMIR Korea and ISMA Korea. The other three invited speakers are Muhammad Muhaiminul Hakim Bin Jamaluddin (Buku Jalanan Seoul), Wong Shu Ming and Claudio Canigga anak George (the former committee members of PPMK)

The Council 2016: Global Edition

The Council is the platform for students to give opinions, critisms and sharings besides give a chance for student to show skill and talent in public speaking. You wonder why we named this event as Global Edition? Yes,because for this series we will invite the speakers from another country representative which are from Thailand, Netherlands and Malaysia

The Council 2016 Edisi 3

The Council 2016 edisi ke-3 kali ini menampilkan calon kepimpinan PPMK sesi 2016/2017 untuk menyampaikan manifesto dan juga strategi kepimpinan mereka untuk memastikan PPMK sebagai badan yang terus cemerlang dan unggul.

Berikut merupakan calon-calon yang akan menyampaikan manifesto mereka nanti.

1) Saudara Muhammad Syafiq bin Kamil (Batch 13)
2) Saudari Nur Syahidah binti Zulkefli (Batch 13)

Naib Presiden
1) Saudari Nur Amanina binti Ruslan (Batch 14)
2) Saudari Wong Shuming (Batch 13)